Mikala Thomas

Mikala’s the friendly face at the front desk that makes sure your repair gets on the schedule and that your paperwork is in order when you come to pick up your car, truck, or RV.

Jeremy Dalessandro

Jeremy has a knack for solving problems. His experience and intelligence provide him with the tools he needs to diagnose and repair even the most difficult of issues. 

Dennis Thomas

Dennis is the owner of Red Rock Garage and is our expert diesel mechanic. With over 30 years of experience as a diesel mechanic, he’s the go to guy for semi and trailer repairs. 

Sammy Kaye

Sammy is the man behind the welding mask at Red Rock Garage. His talents with a torch are legendary but he’s also pretty handy with a wrench.  

Cody Gordon

Cody is the youngest mechanic on the team but what he lacks in experience he makes up for with enthusiasm.