Who We Are

Red Rock Garage specializes in working on large trucks and motor homes and literally began in the parking lot.

The owner of Red Rock Garage, Dennis Thomas, explained that when the building wasn’t finished in time for the company’s opening, they set up shop in the parking lot, expecting it to last only a few weeks. “But it turned out, the first year and a half we worked out of my race trailer,” Thomas said.

Thomas said working in the parking lot was not without its challenges, but also lead to some great business startup stories. Like the time where he was changing the oil in a large semi rig when a gust of wind blew the oil everywhere but in the oil pan. Or in the summer when the only shade came from underneath the big rigs and in the winter they needed a smug pot to keep warm. Talk about the entrepreneurial spirit!

Thomas grew up in the trucking industry, his father was a truck driver and he spent the first 15 years of his career working his way up from mechanic to shop foreman at a northern Utah trucking company.

In 2005, Thomas took his experience in the trucking industry and building race cars and struck out on his own, moved to southern Utah, and founded Red Rock Garage.

After starting up the garage, Thomas assembled a group of mechanics with a wide range of talent. Their motto is that if it has nuts and bolts they can fix it.

One of the reasons this talented group has been able to weather the ups and downs of the economy so well is not only the unique skill they bring to the table but also the outstanding service they are delivering to their clients. Some of these clients include Flying J, Barney Trucking, and Maverik, and Gold Cross Ambulance just to name a few.

To make sure their business is as full service as possible, they also have alignment equipment with a building big enough to align the semis. This is a niche service since most service companies are not set up with enough length for big trucks to align properly.

Mission Statement

At RRG, we fix a number of mechanical issues through replacement parts, or fabrication. Our employees are down to earth and serious about getting the work done correctly and completely for the comfort and convenience of you and yours, whether it is for work or play.

We are knowledgeable in what we do, resulting in fair prices and fast turnaround time. We strive for the accomplishment of being the shop that is known for the dependable and fair work that goes into all we do.

Red Rock Garage Owner & Founder

Dennis Thomas

With over 30 years of experience as a mechanic, Dennis Thomas has worked through adversity and runs the best all-around garage in southern Utah. There’s no vehicle his company can’t repair and his talented team can solve any mechanical problem.


tel. 435.668.1130